November 2016

Aren’t presidential elections fun?! Not. I find I’ve been singing, humming, and repeating the mantra of the November theme song* for several weeks now … I invite you to join me:

May I be filled with loving kindness. May I be well.
May I be peaceful and at ease. May I be whole.

May you be filled with loving kindness. May you be well.
May you be peaceful and at ease. May you be whole.

May we be filled with loving kindness. May we be well.
May we be peaceful and at ease. May we be whole.

This will be a good mantra throughout this month, before and after the election and then as we prepare to have time with family and friends over the holidays. For some, those gatherings can be fraught with emotional challenges, political differences, or the grief of absent beloveds.

This song offers a reminder to breathe with intention, to offer yourself loving kindness, and to hold all beings with loving kindness… even, or especially, when that feels difficult. Sometimes that can feel difficult right here within our own congregation. We may be kindred spirits drawn to this faith, but we do not all think alike. In addition to remembering to send loving kindness to those with whom we might differ, I also want to lift up our covenant of right relations:

It is our deeply held belief and commitment that this be a community of love. We sustain our community through trust, compassion, and inquiry. To live our commitment…

  • We recognize the inherent worth and dignity of every person and relate in a respectful manner with each other;
  • We strive to understand each other and find agreement when possible, questioning and listening with open minds and hearts;
  • We practice empathy, forgiveness, and gratitude;
  • We practice direct communication between parties to resolve conflicts and misunderstandings;
  • We hold ourselves, and one another, accountable for doing the work of the church responsibly;
  • When reaching out to the larger community, we do so with compassion – in the belief that we model an ethic of peace, liberty, and justice.

This covenant can also be practiced with people beyond the congregation … coworkers, peers, family, and friends. If you ever want coaching in how to live more fully into this covenant, you can reach out to me or our Board of Trustees for coaching and support. If someone comes to you with an issue about someone else, encourage that person to speak directly with the person, or to request assistance from me or the Board of Trustees.

With loving kindness…
Reverend Jan

*Singing the Journey #1031: Filled With Loving Kindness. Traditional Buddhist Meditation, adapted by Mark W. Hayes, set to music by Ian W. Riddell

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